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Inspection Fees

If you are just shopping for the lowest price, my advice is this:

“Don’t bother getting a home inspection.”

Save your money. This is not the time for price shopping. Many property buyers have found out the hard way that the “bargain” inspection they thought they were getting was inaccurate, lacked detail, and probably only 10-12 pages long. Many times, the report is provided right on site! Just how much time and detail do you think your property has received?

The State of Maine does NOT have any requirements or qualifications for home inspectors.

Anyone can be a home inspector – or call themselves one. Having been a builder, electrician, plumber, code officer, etc. does not qualify one to be a home inspector. No laws has allowed anyone with a stepladder and a flashlight to pass themselves off as a “home inspector,” much to the bitter disappointment of many trusting home buyers. To perform professional home inspections requires specialized training, and certification is a must. Verify that your inspector is certified, don’t just take their word for it. You are gambling with thousands and thousands of dollars, and I don’t think that’s the kind of chance you want to take with a major investment. Feel comfortable yet? Relax. Being certified through three organizations, you can be assured of a top-notch and quality inspection when choosing me. Check my credentials.

Now.. consider this:

I am also Maine’s Independent Home Inspector.

What does that mean? Simply put, I belong to the Independent Home Inspectors of North America, and I do not actively solicit real estate agents for business. Although I obtain many referrals from Realtors and agents, I do not rely on real estate leads for my income. This allows me to work ethically and independently, and provide an unbiased and comprehensive inspection report to you, my client.

** Beware**

Many home inspectors claim to be independent, but that is simply not the case.

If an inspector is claiming to be independent, ask them to prove it! If they don’t belong to the Independent Home Inspectors of North America, they are not really independent. If you’ve received a list of inspectors from a real estate agent and my name is not on it, click here to find out why. New or unqualified “inspectors” will give you a “low-ball” price because they provide skimpy reports or worse yet, are not really qualified!

You are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for a piece of property you’ve only seen once or twice. Do you really want to take a chance on an inspection for the sake of saving a few dollars?

If you want to gamble….Vegas is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now is NOT the time or the place to take chances!

Don’t be fooled. Professional inspections require lots of work. The physical inspection is only a small portion of the total package. The actual report, including research, can take up to 3 times longer than the inspection itself!! My fees are based on several factors. The type of home or property, total square footage, age, number of out-buildings, and type of basement. There is no “set fee”. In the end, an inspector will charge what they think they’re inspections are worth.

Yes, you’ll pay a little more for my services. But the expertise, education and experience of a Certified Master Inspector will prove beneficial. Don’t take chances on a large investment! My reports average over¬†75 pages, giving you a complete picture of the property you are considering. Additionally, I only complete one inspection per day due to the length and detail in my reports. You can be assured that the fee you pay will be repaid many times over in savings to you. If you are not happy with my service….your fee will be refunded in full!! That’s my guarantee to you!! Be sure to check my web specials for Buyers and Sellers! Book with me today!

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